Visit To Check AMEX Card Application Status

If you have recently applied for an American Express card, and you want to know if it’s approved or rejected, then visit to check your AMEX Card Application Status so you get prepared to receive your card or reapply again.

American Express now allows customers to check their card application status online using an exclusive online portal. Furthermore, customers can also view if their balance transfer has been approved.

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Checking your application status at is completely free. You don’t need to wait for days, or weeks to receive a status update. All you need to do is just visit AMEX Card Application Status portal to view your application status in real time, at any point in time.

Requirements To Check AMEX Card Application Status

Applicants need the following in order to successfully check their card status.

  • Social security number
  • Zip code
  • A computer device with internet access.

NOTE: If your application included a balance transfer request, will also display the status of your balance transfer.

American Express’s Card Application Status tool gives you access to keep track of the application process in real time. AmEx allows you to take charge of your American Express card from the start.

How To Check AMEX Card Application Status at Status at

Once you provide your full social security number and your zip code, the details on the application status will show a clear view of a new application’s status, as either approved, declined, or pending. So let’s get started on how to check your card application status.

  1. Go to the American Express credit card application status page
  2. Input your social security number
  3. Next, type in your zip code.
  4. Finally, press the “Check Application” button to check your application status.

NOTE: While the page displays your current step in the approval process, it does not guarantee that your application will proceed any faster through the system.

But if your application status is pending or declined, I recommend you call American Express at 1-866-314-0237, to know more information on your application.