How To Make JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment Online

Paying off your mortgage principal and interest on time is very important because of your credit score. In this article, you will learn the various ways provided by JPMorgan Chase, the servicer of Chase home loans, for customers to make JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment including online, by mail, through phone and as well in person at a Chase branch location.

To learn more about how you can pay JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage bill, keep reading below to see different options for making a mortgage payment with Chase.

JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment

JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment Online Step Guide

One of the best and most conivinet options for making a mortgage payment is online. To make a Chase mortgage payment online, you can either pay from a Chase account or an external account. See below step guide instruction on how to pay Chase mortgage bill online.

To Pay From a Chase Account:

  1. Visit and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the “Pay and transfer” option.
  3. Then press the “Pay bills” link.
  4. Select your Chase mortgage account.
  5. Schedule your payment.
  6. Write down your confirmation number.

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To Pay From an External Account

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the “Pay and transfer” option.
  3. Click on “Pay bills” button.
  4. Click “Pay-from accounts” and then click “External accounts.”
  5. Now, press on the non-Chase bank account that you’ll use to make your mortgage payment.

NOTE: When setting up an external account as a pay-from account, it might take up to a few days for Chase to authenticate your account. So, in order to avoid late fees, ensure you complete these steps far in advance of when your payment needs to post.

How to Make a Chase Mortgage Payment by Phone

Chase house payment can be made over the phone and it will be posted that same day when you make it from a checking account. All you have to do is get your bank’s routing number and your checking or savings account number. Then call 833-PayChase (833-729-2427) and follow the automated prompts to complete your payment. Once your payment has been complete, ensure to write down your confirmation number.

How To Pay a Chase Mortgage Bill by Mail

To make Chase home mortgage payment by mail is yet another option but you have to allow 5 to 7 days for your payment to reach Chase by your payment due date.

  • Send out a check or money order for the amount of your payment, and indicate on the payment coupon if you are making additional principal or escrow payments toward your loan.
  • Then send the payment, along with the payment coupon, to the payment address listed on your statement.
  • If you don’t have a statement, call Chase customer service at 800-848-9136 and ask the representative for the payment address for your location. Your statement can also be viewed online.

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Chase Mortgage Bill Payment at a Branch

To pay in person, use the Chase Bank branch locator to find the branch nearest you. Then fill out a check or money order for the amount of your mortgage payment. Take your payment and payment coupon to the Chase branch location nearest you to have your payment credited to your account.

NOTE: You can only incur a late fee if you don’t make your payment on time. The late fee amount is listed on your statement and is based on your loan amount, property location and the rates found in your agreement. Also, you might be charged a non-sufficient funds fee of $0 to $25 if your payment is returned due to lack of funds.