How To find an advisor at Manulife Financial Canada –

If you are in Canada, and you need help with financial planning for your future, then you need to visit to find a qualified Manulife Financial Canada advisor that will help you need to make the right decisions for the future.

Manulife Financial Canada has been a proven leader in financial planning and insurance. Also, it’s one of the world’s largest insurance providers, with over 120 years of experience in the industry. It’s headquarter is based in Toronto, Canada with over 24,000 employees.

Manulife Financial Canada offers a service for its customers which give them access to find an advisor in their area that can offer them assistance and consultation when it comes to making important decisions about investment, financial planning, insurance and more.

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It’s quite easy to find an advisor at Also, it can be either over the internet or on a mobile or smartphone using a toll-free number 1-888-626-8543 (1-888-626-8843 in Quebec).

To find a financial advisor at only takes a few minutes, as you simply need to specify the type of advice you want, enter your postcode, and then Manulife website will give you what you want. They will clarify your thinking about what you need to do next in your investment, insurance or financial planning.

How To find an advisor at Manulife Financial Canada Via

  • Visit and sign in as a Manulife plan member.
  • Choose the type of advice that you need from the drop-down menu, then enter your postcode into the required field. Next, click on the button marked, “FIND.”
  • Review your advisor search results and complete the referral process as directed to make contact with your selected Manulife Financial Canada advisor.

You may consult their customer satisfaction and complaints page for any questions or complaints about Manulife Financial Canada at