Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal – How To Renew Your Florida Car Registration

This article on Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal will help drivers who want to renew their vehicle to successfully complete the process. It is expected that every vehicle owner must renew expired car registration documents every 12 or 24 months, depending on the type of registration period the motorist chooses.

All motorists who operate a vehicle on state roads are required to renew their vehicle registration annually. While drivers must renew car registration documents every year, vehicle owners must order new license plates every 10 years.

However, vehicle owners may take advantage of the biennial car registration renewal process, which allows for registration renewals every two years.

Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal Online

Drivers may renew car registration online in Florida up to three months before the vehicle’s expiration date, provided they have proof of car insurance on file with the FLHSMV. Furthermore, drivers must renew auto registration in person if their current auto insurance is not on file.

Before you proceed with online Florida vehicle registration renewal process, you must provide your personal information, including a Social Security Number and driver’s license number.

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However, during the online DMV auto registration renewal process, vehicle owners must provide the following information:

  • The vehicle owner’s last name
  • Driver’s license number, license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • Social Security Number
  • Payment card information or checking account information

Once you complete the online auto registration renewal process, you will receive your new decals within seven to 10 days.

Important Note: If drivers were unable to renew DMV registration online as a result of issues with their motor vehicle history or drivers license, they may wish to perform a driver license and/or motor vehicle check. When performing a driver license or motor vehicle check, vehicle owners must input their driver license number, title number or VIN.

To Renew Car Registrations in Florida in Person

Driver who wishes to renew car registration in person can do so by visiting a county tax collector’s office. In order to complete an FL DMV vehicle registration renewal in person, motorists must provide Proof of auto insurance, pay all applicable registration fees and present a copy of their registration renewal notice or current registration card.

Florida Car Registration Renewal Fees

As a vehicle owner, for you to successfully renew expired car registration in Florida, you must pay all applicable registration fees. However, fees are based on the vehicle’s type, weight, and license plate.

Any registrant who does not complete the FL vehicle registration renewal process before the vehicle’s expiration date must pay an additional delinquent fee.

Furthermore, a vehicle owner who enrolls in the biennial auto registration renewal period must pay registration fees for two years instead of one. A vehicle owner must pay an additional service fee when renewing DMV registration online.

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