Florida Custom Vehicle Registration Process | How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Florida

Florida Custom Vehicle Registration Process is a procedure that car owners must complete in order to legally operate their motor vehicles on public roads. Furthermore, the custom car registration process must be completed through the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department.

Car owners in Florida need to register custom car projects or antique vehicles by meeting the specific registration requirements and submitting the necessary documents at a local FLHSMV branch. This page shall guide you on the Florida Custom Vehicle Registration Process in order to successfully register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Florida.

Florida Custom Vehicle Registration Process

In order to obtain a Florida custom car registration visit a local FLHSMV office and provide the required requirements. Vehicle owners can register custom cars or street rods by completing the following steps:

  • Complete a registration application.
  • Provide payment for the license tax and a processing fee of $3.
  • Provide a written statement that the vehicle will be used only for occasional transportation, parades, tours, exhibitions and club activities and not for personal use.

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The classic license plates for custom-built cars or street rods will be divided into separate series, starting with either “Custom Vehicle 1” or “Street Rod 1”. Furthermore, vehicles that are registered as custom cars or street rods will be exempt from emission inspection.

Step Guide For Florida Antique License Plates Registration Process

Owners of antique or ancient vehicles will be required to apply for FL antique license plates at a nearby FLHSMV office. They will be required to provide a complete application form and payment for the license tax in order to get special license plates for their vehicles.
The antique license plates will begin with “Antique No. 1”, while the ancient vehicle plates will commence with “Horseless Carriage No. 1”.

Custom or Antique Vehicle Registration Fee in Florida

Drivers who register an antique car will be required to pay a fee of $7.50. However, owners of custom cars or street rods are required to contact their local DMV office in order to find out the exactly what they need to pay in order to register custom cars.

Note: Vehicle owners who renew their antique or custom vehicle registration are also required to renew car registrations for their standard passenger vehicles.