Access To Register For Flagstar MyLoan Online Service

Flagstar Bank focuses on providing exceptional products and services by keeping in view the personal focus and distinctive value. This financial institution has a total asset portfolio of $16.9 and as well rated as the 5th biggest savings bank in nationwide and regulator of 5 top banks of Mortgage finance. offers various type of financial tools for customers ranging from commercial product and services, business and consumer solution.

Flagstar Bank listen to the demand of customer care and then decide what would be better for them and how it will work to fulfill the customer’s demand.

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By visiting you can sign up for Flagstar MyLoan. MyLoan is available to customers by the bank. Just follow the step by step procedure below for detailed instructions to get sign up in MyLoan.

How To Register For Flagstar MyLoan at

  • Open your web browser and go to to access the main page.
  • Press the Login button and select MyLoan option under the combo box, then enter username and password. If you are new users, then click “Sign Up” link right below the Login button to proceed ahead for the registration.
  • To sign up to MyLoan, you have to go through 5 steps which are necessary to complete registration.
  • The first step process is about account verification which requires your first name, last name, social security number, and valid account number. Once you have provided the information, clicks to “Next” button to proceed.
  • Then kindly complete all steps as required by providing all the correct information to get successful registration.

Note: Your loan account number can be accessed through your monthly statement. But if you have currently applied for a loan, then check your inbox where you can find the welcome email. Also, to contact the customer service representative for more assistance, call 800-968-7700.