www.michigan.gov | Apply For Your Benefits at Michigan Bridge Program

By visiting www.michigan.gov you can apply for your benefits online, of which it’s offered by MI Bridges. By following the step guide below, to create account, you can apply for your benefit within a few minutes.
MI Bridges provides cash, child development, food, medical assistance, as well as state emergency relief to Michigan Residents.

More About Michigan Bridge Program

Michigan Bridge Program (MI Bridges), is a governmental programs which gives people to access Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Cash Assistance, State Emergency Relief, Child Development and Care. It’s major aim is to promote the life of common people.

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How To Get Your Benefits from MI Bridges Instructions

Visit the homepage of MI Bridges, by tying www.michigan.gov on your browser, log in to your MI Bridges account with your User ID and Password. Note: The MI Bridges homepage supports the following languages: English, Spanish and Arabic. To apply for benefits at MI Bridges is very easy, more convenient and safe.

If you don’t have an active or pending food assistance case, then click on “Apply for Benefits” to create a new account; if you have an active or pending case, click on “View My Case” button and follow the instructions.


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Step Guide to Apply for Benefits at MI Bridges

  • Click www.michigan.gov/mibridges to visit the website of MI Bridge to start your application.
  • Click on “Apply for Benefits” button to begin your application.
  • You need to create a secure account before you start your application.
  • Click the “Start a new application for Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Cash Assistance, Child Development & Care, and/or State Emergency Relief…” and click on “Next” to continue.
  • Enter your full name, create your user ID and password, then choose your secret questions and answers in case you forget your password. Click on “Create an Account” button to proceed.
  • Now to start your application, you will need to log in using your new user ID and password. Click on the link on the screen to log in.
  • You will be taken to the instruction page, after you have read all these requirements, click “Next” to start.
  • Simply follow the instructions, to complete the application form and then submit online.


All qualified candidates are allowed to access and apply for the program to get help and benefits.