How To Activate Bank of America CashPay Visa Card |

To activate Bank of America CashPay Visa Card is quiet easy and simple. It’s a convenient, low cost alternative to receiving payroll checks from companies. You can access your pay with all the convenience of Visa Card and the security of cardholder liability protection.
The main aim of this post is to give you a guideline on how you can easily activate your Bank of America CashPay Visa Card at

When activated, it saves you time from going to bank to to cash paycheck. You will also enjoy up to 15% of face value to cash check at check-cashing stores.

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You can also withdraw cash with your Bank of America CashPay Visa Card at almost any ATM at your convince time. Not only that, you will also enjoy the convenience and security of Visa Card, as well as taking control of your money.

Benefits Of Bank of America CashPay Visa Card

  • There are lots of benefits to enjoy, of which they include:
  • Convenience – You will have instant access to pay by 9:00 am on paydays.
  • Full access to account information both online and through customer service 24/7.
  • Added security – There is no need to carry large amounts of cash because your money is automatically deposited into your own individually-owned account on payday.
  • Access and manage your funds 24 hours, everyday.
  • Control and manage your money – You can only take the amount you want whenever you need it.

Steps To Activate Bank of America CashPay Visa Card

Provided you have received your card, you need to activate the card before you can make use of it. Activating the card can be in two ways.

  • By calling the customer service
  • By visiting the online customer service.

But activating your CashPay Visa Payroll Card online is more easy and it’s saves time. Simply follow the few steps below to activate your card.

  1. Using any device with internet access, visit the CashPay Visa Card activation page at
  2. Click on the “Activate My Card” option on top of the menu bar.Activate Bank of America CashPay Visa Card
  3. Kindly enter your the card Number and Expiration Date [MM/YY] in the required fields and click the continue button to proceed.
  4. Follow the instruction to activate your card.

Note: The CashPay Visa Payroll Card which is a reloadable prepaid card is only offered by Band of America.